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Confectionery Clearnace

Hire a machine or hire us!

Make your next event something special with a Fairy Floss  or Popcorn or other machine
  and real live operator too if you want!     Booking Form

Machine Hire

Package deals also available to suit your needs:
eg Popcorn and Fairy Floss or Fairy floss and Sno Cone etc.


Old Fashioned Fairy Floss Machine Display

Old Fashioned Popcorn Machine2


Twin Slushy Machine

Pucker Powder Machine on white Small


Snow Cone Bear Machine 2


Hotdog Machine1



Pancake Machine1


    Fairy Floss             Popcorn           Slushies          Pucker Powder            Snow Cones               Hotdogs                 Pancakes

Hire a machine only and do it yourself. We will deliver the machine and everything you need and we will pick it up again after you have finished. Or you may pick the machine up and return it yourselves if you wish. For prices and details select a machine above.

To make a booking, print our Booking Form and post or email it to us.



Machine Hire with Operator

We  specialise in:  
Grand Openings   Star 15px Corporate Functions   Star 15px School Fairs   Star 15px  Festivals   Star 15px  Fund-raising Events

Take a look at some of our previous events.


    Have all the fun of the fair without any hassles  - hire a machine and an operator. All accessories are included - all you have to do is provide the electricity for the machine - we will do the rest.

    Bags and buckets of floss and bags of popcorn are also available.

    For prices and details select one of the machines above

    Please Note:
    For fund-raising events you will also have to supply a person to collect the money.
    Additional charges may occasionally apply (e.g. car parking fees)
    To make a booking, print our Booking Form and post or email it to us.

 Functions, Events, Festivals.

Have a look at our photo gallery for some example of our previous events.
To make a booking, print our Booking Form and post or email it to us.

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